Eat well, feel well

Eet gesond, voel goed, deur Adele van der Merwe en Jeske WellmannEat well. feel well, by Adele van der Merwe and Jeske Wellmann

By eating right, cancer patients can boost their immune system – and feel better and more able to cope.

In this book, two of South Africa’s leading experts show people with cancer, their caregivers and their families how to manage the disease and its symptoms by eating right. Packed with recipes, clear information and specialised meal plans, this is not just another recipe book.

  • It distinguishes between different types of cancer and offers solutions to the specific nutritional problems associated with different treatments.
  • It gives advice on managing the side effects of cancer therapy, such as a dry mouth or nausea, that may make it difficult to eat properly.
  • The recipes are easy to prepare and support various ways of eating. 
  • It shows how each recipe can be adapted to meet individual needs.

This guide will help those with cancer to cope better before, during and after treatment.

Eat well, feel well (fighting cancer with nutrition)

ISBN 9780624071518
Adéle van der Merwe & Jeske Wellmann, registered dietitians
R300.00  (Packaging and postage fees are R120.00 Postnet to Postnet)


Eet gesond, voel gesond (beveg kanker met voeding) 

ISBN 9780624071549
Adéle van der Merwe & Jeske Wellmann, geregistreerde dieetkundiges
R300.00  (Pak- en posgeld beloop R120.00 van Postnet tot Postnet) 



Publisher Tafelberg Publishers Ltd
Publication date  2015
Size 190mm x 240mm
Weight  524g
Pages 215, soft cover