Private Consultations (one-on-one)

First consultation – 90 minutes

In this first consultation the dietitian will assess the patient and discuss the necessary changes. She will explain how the body functions and how the body will react on the changes, depending on the disease or complications. This will assist the patient in understanding what to change, and why it should be changed. Education is vital as the changes should be part of a lifestyle change.


First follow up appointment – 60 minutes

10 – 14 days after the initial consultation a follow up appointment is necessary to discuss the changes that have been implemented and to “fine-tune” the information gained. The patient usually needs to keep a food record and this will enable the dietitian to assess and discuss possible misconceptions or misunderstandings. During this consultation goals will be set regarding the condition i.e. ideal blood glucose levels, ideal weight loss etc. Current supplementation would be discussed and different options will be explored.


Further follow up appointments – 30 minutes

Further follow up appointments (usually 10 – 14 days apart) are necessary to receive the needed support and the latest information. Different topics will also be discussed such as eating away from home, holidays / travelling, how to change favourite recipes into healthier options, label reading etc.


Family consultations

When families decide to improve their way of eating, it is vital that all the family members are involved in the education. Contact us to discuss your family needs.


The practice:

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