Cancer remains a major killer. Many experts believe that correct nutrition may help to prevent many forms of the disease. An imbalance of free radicals encourages conditions that allows some cancers to develop. Free radicals form during the body’s chemical processes and also as part of its natural defense mechanism. Exposure to radiation, pollution or some foods spark the over production of free radicals and this can cause damage to human cells. In some cases these damaged cells may turn cancerous. Anti-oxidants (free-radical scavengers) counteract the import of harmful free radicals.

High fat intake has also been linked with certain types of cancers. Fats must not provide more than 30% of your daily energy intake. Saturated fats are particularly suspected. It is important to ensure that your diet provides a healthy supply of vitamins A, C, E and selenium. The anti-oxidants “mop up” the harmful free radicals.


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