Candida (Thrush)

Candida or thrush is a fungal infection caused by the yeast organism Candida Albicans. Oral and vaginal thrush are the two most common forms. Severe candida infections usually arise when the immune system is compromised is some way. Antibiotics, hormonal or steroidal drugs will also increase the risk of candida infections.

Candida Albicans is one of many microorganisms, which live naturally in the mouth, gut and on the skin. These microorganisms cause problems only when they multiply out of control and it can cause invasive fungal overgrowth. When the body’s “friendly” bacteria are destroyed and the immune system is weakened, the candida cells can multiply and cause infections.


Nutrition intervention

Eat low GI carbohydrates with every meal as well as low fat intake. This will ensure blood sugar control and improvement in the immune system. Supplementation with live bacteria like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, is also necessary.


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