Chronic Fatigue / Low Energy Levels

One of the most common causes of fatigue is anemia (low iron levels). This reduces the capacity of blood to deliver oxygen to the tissues. This can happen because of a faulty diet.

Another reason for chronic fatigue can be low blood sugar (glucose) levels. The body needs glucose for energy and if you do not follow a low glycaemic index (GI) and low fat eating plan, you will always feel tired. You need a constant supply of energy throughout the day. We live in a stressful world and we all need good nutrition, which gives us a powerful tool to deal with stress. Day-to-day pressure can weaken the immune system and can cause illnesses such as cold, flu and coughs as well as a general feeling of being tired.

Nutritional intervention:

Small, regular, low GI meals with a multi vitamin and mineral supplement will help to cope with the bigger need we have during stress and to beat chronic fatigue.


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